WordPress Guide

July 25, 2016By kGcre8Admin

Great WordPress guide created by Anthony Hortin. Easy WP Guide WordPress Manual for WordPress 4.5  

Instagram Magnets

March 4, 2016By kGcre8Admin

Okay, these are really cool. Take your instagram photos to the next level and share them on your wall. Check it out

Accidental Creative

March 2, 2016By kGcre8Admin

I really enjoyed this book, The Accidental Creative by Todd Henry. He makes some excellent points, and many of which I abide to with my own business and design principles. “Now business creativity expert Todd Henry explains how to unleash your creative potential. Whether you’re a creative by trade or an “accidental creative,” this book … Read More

Optimize your WordPress Database

February 11, 2016By kGcre8Admin

I found this article by Kevin Muldoon on wpmudev.org to be very helpful in speeding up our WordPress site. There are some great tips, and general maintenance advice as well. “If you update your website regularly, your database will grow larger over time. A large database can greatly affect the performance of your website as … Read More

Responsive Design on Large Desktops

January 14, 2016By kGcre8Admin

Here is an excellent resource by Johannes Holl that clearly addresses some of the issues designers face in responsive web design for large desktop screens. I especially like the clear visual representation for a fixed versus liquid layout and the case for left-hand navigation. Check it Out                        

What Good Does Design Do For Business?

February 11, 2012By kGcre8Admin

“Have you noticed how similar some products are becoming? A Tesla and a Lotus, that’s an easy one. But I’m talking about the similarities between seemingly disparate objects, like an Audi car and Oakley sunglasses, a 3M stapler and an Alessi teapot, or a Starbucks café and your bank lobby. Consumers love cool design, and, … Read More