File types explained

I am often asked by clients what the different file types are and what they all mean. When to use a .jpg file or a .tiff. What is raster vs vector files? Good question! I came across this article recently and think it does an excellent job of explaining this.

"Every graphic you see online is an image file. Most everything you see printed on paper, plastic or a t-shirt came from an image file. These files come in a variety of formats, and each is optimized for a specific use. Using the right type for the right job means your design will come out picture perfect and just how you intended. The wrong format could mean a bad print or a poor web image, a giant download or a missing graphic in an email."

-Samual Lundquist

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Giving credit where credit is due...

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Author: Samual Lundquist

Spring Daisies

I just wrapped up a new pattern design – Daisies. Inspired by an old blanked of my grandmothers. Check it out

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Kindness Stickers

I've been going sticker crazy! Check out my latest inspiration - Kindness, pass it on. Have an idea for a sticker - I love inspiration! Let's connect.

Colorado Printmaking Community

"Mo'Print is a celebration of the art of making original prints to inspire, educate and promote awareness in the Denver Metropolitan area, the Front Range Region, and throughout Colorado." Checkout some of their 2020 upcoming events!

150,000 Botanical Illustrations Enter the Public Domain

I came across this article posted on Hyperallergic - 150,000 Botanical Illustrations Enter the Public Domain. "The free images, uploaded courtesy of the Biodiversity Heritage Library, include animal sketches, historical diagrams, botanical studies, and scientific research."

I love the detail and depth of the illustrations. So many beautiful illustrations, so little time! You can also follow Biodiversity on instagram or flickr.





Designing Patterns

I started creating patterns for Spoon Flower. Check them out! Happy sewing.


Pantone of the Year 2020

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Soft and Comfy Printed T-shirts

A great resource for printing custom t-shirts.

Tim Ferris Podcast Featuring Debbie Millman

I've always admired Debbie Millman as a fellow graphic designer. She is such an inspiration to me. Her career path, much like my own having started in newspaper. I loved listening to these Tim Ferris podcasts featuring Debbie. Enjoy.

"Graphic Design USA has named Debbie Millman “one of the most influential designers working today."